WaveLength Helps MegaPath Establish Enduring Market Leadership in Managed VPN Services

Image of SSL VPN Case Study


WaveLength’s services kick started a service provider’s managed SSL VPN services by analyzing current customer sales data and generating a highly targeted lead list that produced higher sales. The service provider leveraged results in a phased approach by first realizing direct sales success and then by packaging services, creating market messaging and finally positioning targeted at their newly identified markets. They were first to market with a packaged solution for retail and still lead this key vertical against larger competitors.

Problem: Need to understand best customers and find more like them

The market for managed SSL VPN services was new, driven by the advent of SSL VPN appliances as an IPSEC VPN replacement. The service provide just purchased a managed SSL VPN services business, representing a 95% share of the market. Because internal stakeholders reported that prospects no longer needed explanations of the technology, the market was maturing beyond early stages. The service provider wanted to identify early adopting verticals and find new customers in those verticals.

Key info that could change business: what is the highest per capita usage & organizations with highest ratio of employees outside HQ/total employees?

  • What customers represent the highest revenue contribution on a per user basis?
  • Which companies and verticals have a higher than average revenue per employee?
  • What verticals and organizations are highly distributed, as measured by higher than average number of offices and/or countries for vertical? Other patterns such as company size or organizational structure?

Best data sources: internal data & third party data:

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) customer data
    • Service usage data in bytes of traffic and the number of logons
    • Billing data in dollars
    • Third party data sources for corporate demographics.

High-value information: ratio of employees outside HQ/total and total locations

Transformed source data into a series of new variables such as average number of connections per user over 1 month, 2-month, etc. or Total number of bytes per employee over 1 month, 2-month, etc. The key vertical of turned out be large, national retailers and business services and not healthcare as the service provider originally thought. By creating the ratio of number of employees outside HQ locations/total employees, WaveLength created a target list of 4800 organizations.

Results: Continued dominance in retail and healthcare segments

WaveLength profiled the customer base to understand its top customers and how they compare to others. By using analytics, WaveLength created groups based on usage for comprehensive profiling of High, Medium, and Low users.

This smaller service provider could not realistically work 4800 leads, so WaveLength prioritized the list by placing a high priority ranking on those with annual revenues growing twice as fast as US GDP. This type of customer would likely have a shorter sales cycle because they need a NEW solution. This turned out to be the case.

With WaveLength’s in-depth knowledge of the SSL VPN market together with its data analytics expertise, WaveLength was the right partner to assist them in a successful bid for market leadership.